Booking The Group

Booking Information


The group can be booked for single or multiple performances. For in-town performances in the Twin Cities metro area, the single performance fee is $150-$250 (10-20 minute show). For multiple in-town performances or festivals, the total fee will be negotiated between the inquirer and Angela. If the venue does not have a sound system, there is an additional $100 charge for sound system setup (provided by the group). Requests for out of town performances may incur transportation charges (usually a mileage fee) and if overnight stay is required, there will also be accommodation requirements. If the group is booked for more than three consecutive performances during a day, the group will also require food vouchers for all dancers.

If you would like to book the group for a performance, please contact us well in advance as many times we are booked up to 1-2 years ahead (especially for the summer festivals).

The group may be booked by contacting

Angela Mortari (651-730-1652)


Vicki Withers (952-926-2071)


E-Mail us at